Long Island Village Clerks and Treasurers Association

The Long Island Village Clerks and Treasurers Association (LIVCTA) encourages and stimulates cooperation among members for their mutual benefit and welfare; provides a medium for the exchange of ideas and experiences; and enhances their professional service to the elected officials and the communities they serve.

The Office of Clerk, Treasurer or Administrator and financial officers in municipal government, is not just a job, it is a profession. This status can be achieved or advanced only by continued learning, dedication to the position and pride in the work.

What’s new?

Save the date!  Rockefeller Municipal Clerks Institute Save the Date 2020 – Scholarships are available 2020 LIVCTA SCHOLARSHIP FORM;   2020 NYS SCHOLARSHIP FORM  and

Have a question for the association? Forward request & information to Question@LIVCTA.com

LIVCTA March on Hunger! Thursday, March 12, 2020 for more information and to donate 2020 March on Hunger Announcement –  
Meet and greet at 12:00 – 12:30 pm, meeting starts at 12:30 pm – Come early to drop off donations and photo!!
Go online and donate today!

April 29, 2020, Golf Outing – Interested in sponsorships, tee, hats, golf balls, foursomes, contact our new golf chairs: Chrissy Kiernan Clerk@baxterestates.org and
Phil Westerman phil_westerman@ajg.com

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Click here to view available job opportunities – updated February 11, 2020